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Book A Food Photographer in Miami

Looking to book a skilled food photographer in Miami to help you capture the essence of your dishes with stunning, appetizing images. Perfect for any culinary brand, here are some services we offer. 

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Our Services

For those looking to book a food photographer in Miami, our bookings are based on an hourly rate. Your project may take multiple hours or it can take just one. So for simplicity, bookings are broken down into hourly. Request a free estimate (top of the page) if your project requires many hours to ensure accurate pricing. If it's a quick shoot, just add multiple quantities of the default 1hr times in your cart. For example, your service needed may take 4 hours max. So add your service choice 4 times in your cart. If you have an issues booking use the "contact us" tab and send us a message or you can send an email to "" and we will get right with you. 

1 Hour is defined as time to capture content (photo/video) and editing time which is usullay 50/50 but can skew to one side. For example a photo shoot can take 2 hours to shoot and 4 hours to edit for a total of 6 hours. EDITING IS NOT OPTIONAL. MY SERVICE IS SHOOTING AND EDITING TOGETHER. 

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